Sunday, January 19, 2014

PBA players' career statistics (1975-1981)

From Crispa, Toyota and U-Tex, Team Rosters listed from the 1982 PBA season.

From Yco-Tanduay and Great Taste.

From San Miguel, Gilbey's and Mariwasa-Honda.

After 18 games in the elimination phase, the scoring averages and personal highs of 19 of more than 20 imports that played in the PBA First Conference of the 1981 season. Excluded from the list are those who were replaced early at the start of the conference.
The 10 imports with their scoring averages and single-game highest output after 9 games in the elimination phase, only two imports were not in the list, John Kazmer of U-Tex, who was replaced by Leroy Jackson, and Bobby Turner of San Miguel Beer, replaced by Ron Roberson.